An individualized approach to each patient’s needs is what truly sets us apart from conventional treatment options.  Through scientific and quantifiable measurements we customize each patient’s dynamic treatment plan.

At Revive Treatment Centers, we provide diagnostic testing, treatments, and appropriate therapies all under one roof. Our multidisciplinary team meets individually with each patient and collaborates regularly with one another to design an individual plan, monitor patient progress and make adjustments when necessary.

The culture and environment are centered around providing the proper tools for patients to succeed in their journey to wellness. Our team makes every effort to empower patients and give them the knowledge and skills needed to continue to see gains both in the clinic and at home.

Due to our intense, immersive clinical approach patients see substantial outcomes in a short amount of time. Most patients start to see functional changes within the first few treatments.

Revive Treatment Centers strives to help patients continue to improve long after they leave our clinic. In order to do so, we coordinate care with local specialists and primary care providers ensure that everyone is working together as a team.

Did you know?

  • 60% of patients that have pituitary changes after TBI
  • The average American is on 7-9 daily medications
  • 74% of Concussion patients suffer from Mental Fog
  • 68% of TBI Patients suffer from dizziness/vertigo
  • 65% of TBI patients have changes in gut function
  • 76% of TBI patients have damage to their blood-brain barrier

All of these factors and more must be assessed in order to understand the individual needs of a patient. Some patients require more of a focus on hormone approaches whereas others may need a stronger focus on neurology or immunological approach. Our integrative team is able to measure neurological function, blood chemistry, hormones, diagnostic imaging, and much much more in order to devise a plan that allows us to understand the patient’s true individuality of their injury or disease.

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